BrainGoMo Neurofeedback Platform

Application Design & Development

BrainGoMo Neurofeedback Application

Responsive Redesign & Development


  • Remote Data Collection
  • EEG/BCI Solutions
  • FGamified Cognitive Tasks
  • Mobile Signal Processing and Machine Learning
  • Ethical Approval


BrainGoMo is a science-backed platform specializing in the development of advanced wellness and clinical neurofeedback platforms. Their flagship product, the BrainGoMo Neurofeedback platform, aims to democratize neurofeedback by expanding its accessibility beyond clinics and into the hands of the general public. Their platform serves two primary user groups: individuals seeking self-improvement and patients undergoing therapy. It features a user-friendly mobile app that engages users in specially designed neurofeedback games, allowing them to actively participate in their journey. Additionally, their robust web server enables users to view reports, access recorded data, and empowers clinicians to define personalized training protocols for optimal results. Virgobit has been responsible for the UI/UX design, app development, and front-/back-end development process.