Remote data collection from Parkinsonian patients

Application Design & Development


  • Remote Data Collection
  • Collecting Large Datasets
  • Ethical Approval


Virgobit, in collaboration with Charité University, is developing an innovative app to transform remote data collection for healthcare research, specifically catering to patients managing Parkinson's disease. The user-friendly app integrates seamlessly with Cardio Watch, capturing essential metrics and incorporating tailored questionnaires for behavioral data. With interactive features and rewarding notifications, the app enhances patient engagement, ensuring higher compliance rates. This project pioneers healthcare research by leveraging smartphones and wearables to provide comprehensive insights into the daily lives of Parkinson's patients, aiming to advance understanding and improve research quality.


  • Incorporating Behavioral Data Collection Include various questionnaires within the app to gather behavioral data related to daily activities, symptom severity, and so on, providing a comprehensive understanding of the impact of Parkinson's disease on patients' lives.
  • Integrating the user-friendly app with CardioWatch to capture essential metrics like raw accelerometry, allowing for continuous monitoring and accurate data collection.


  • Traditional data collection methods for Parkinsonian patients often require frequent visits to medical facilities, causing inconvenience and consuming valuable time for both patients and healthcare providers.
  • Patient engagement and compliance with data collection protocols can be challenging to maintain over time.


In collaboration with the Neuromodulation and Movement Disorders Unit at the Charité University Hospital